• Calories vs. Macros

    Written by Tony Risling WHAT’S MORE IMPORTANT? Calories or Macros? The answer isn’t as simple as one over the other but more so looking at the big picture. The one macro that is truly paramount is protein. Regardless of the goal, achieving the body’s protein requirement should be the first focus! The remaining calories for the day, can be split...

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  • Zinc: The Organizer or Minerals

    Written by The OBF Team Zinc is a synergistic mineral that helps the body organize minerals and their functions with regards to the metabolism. As far as we know, currently it’s reported that Zinc is involved in over 88 chemical reactions within the body.   Zinc as well as Magnesium are two of the hardest minerals to replace within the...

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  • In Pursuit of Lean Legs

    Written by Mike Demeter It’s April. Spring is here in the great white north (Toronto). 20’C predicted within days. Like kids at Christmas, wishing for the toys of choice. Most female trainees entertain thoughts of short shorts and lean legs by the May 24 weekend. This is where bootcamp classes begin to fill up early and sales of fat...

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  • Energy Ball Recipe!

    Energy Ball Recipe We all love Energy Balls but often they have way to many calories… Check out our energy balls that don’t bust your macros and they are packed with protein…the perfect snack! Tell us how you liked this recipe! Just one of the many amazing recipes we share with our clientele at OBF!

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  • Time: Are You Productive or Just Busy?

    Time Use: Are You Productive or Just Busy? Because Yes! There is a big difference between the two. Treading water takes time and effort, but at the end of the task, you are left with your head only just above water and in the same position you were in when you started. So are you being productive and getting things...

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