• rep ranges

    What Do You Know About Rep Ranges?

    A rather simple principle in training program design is what rep ranges you should be focusing on. This is a simple principle but often one that goes misunderstood. We’ve gone ahead and tried to turn the rep into an applicable tool that you can use and modify within your own training to stimulate the specific type of adaptations from...

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  • mindset

    Mindset Can Dictate Everything

    Did you know that your mindset is POWERFUL? This is why OBF coach Nadia focuses on your mental game as much as your physical game.   Let us ask you, what are you imagining on a daily basis? What thoughts are you focusing on?   If you focus on your destination and mentally rehearse how you’re going to get...

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  • competency

    4 Stages of Competency

    Ever wonder what stage of competency you’re at? Did you know that there’s 4 stages to how competent you are in nailing down your habits/goals? Let’s break these down for you quickly. 1. Unconscious Incompetence – You are unaware of the skill and your lack of proficiency 2. Conscious Incompetence – You are aware of the skill but not yet proficient...

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  • faith

    Faith in the Process

    I bet you can’t guess this one! Do you know what the number one most important thing is when it comes to your results in and out of the gym? We can’t say this enough! Having FAITH in the process What can happen when you give your all to a purpose for 6 months? It takes THREE key components to transform...

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  • diet

    Do you keep re-starting your diet?

    Do you keep re-starting your diet? Hey peeps, still struggling with your diet and it’s impacting your fat loss efforts? Here are some tips and tricks to make meal prep easy! The biggest thing our clients realize is that true transformation occurs not just from training, but from managing what you eat, the amount, the quality and even what...

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