• sleep

    Sleep Loss is Stealing your Muscle Gains!

    Why is sleep so essential? A common goal among our clients is to lose fat and gain muscle! We already know lack of sleep puts the body into survival mode by increasing stress hormones leading to sugar cravings, brain fog and risk for obesity and diabetes.  A new paper in the journal SLEEP sheds light on the effects of chronic...

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  • breakfast

    Breakfast or Intermittent Fasting?

    Breakfast? Intermittent Fasting or Skipping Breakfast? We’ve all heard: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” “If you skip breakfast you’ll slow your metabolism!” While it’s true that skipping breakfast isn’t good for you, it’s not for the reason you might think. Skipping meals doesn’t slow your metabolism.  In fact, a recent study published in The American...

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  • magnesium

    Magnesium, Are You Using It As A Sleep Supplement?

    Magnesium (Mag), a sleep supplement? If so, there may be better supplements out there to help with your sleep, and if you find magnesium DOES help you sleep – there is a reason why… Mag is important to 350 processes within the body and counting. Best sources to found magnesium? Nuts and seeds! Most people are mag deficient. Especially if you train...

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  • healthy fats

    Healthy Fats in Your Diet

    Are you EATING enough healthy fats in YOUR diet? You’ve probably heard a lot of this misinformation about fats.   “Replace your saturated fats with heart ­healthy unsaturated fats like vegetable oils.”   “Soybean oil instead of coconut oil as it lowers cholesterol levels and reduces cardiovascular disease risk.”   “Choose low­ or non­fat dairy products to lower your...

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  • portion

    Portion Control Made Easy

    How do you portion out your food? Weight scales? Cups? Special Tupperware? An EASY way to live your life AND control your intake. Active men do best with 6-8 servings of each food group per day (~2,300-3000 kcal). Active women do best with 4-6 servings of each food group per day (~1,500-2,100 kcal). Using that info, adjust your portions...

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